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Leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home, and the longer they go unchecked, the worse it gets. That’s why we offer leak detection services to help keep your property safe from water damage and other related issues.

Leak Detection and Repair Services at Spot-On

Hearing a mysterious dripping sound at midnight is the most annoying thing. But have you ever thought about what the sounds are trying to tell? They are telling you about the hidden leaks that are trying to cause problems. 

That’s where leak detection services step in – they are the detectives of your home, finding these tricky leaks that could mess up your place if ignored. 

At Spot-on, we offer 24/7 leak detection services in and around Texas by spotting these hidden leaks and ensuring your home is safe and sound.

How Does Spot On Plumbing Repair Leaks?

At Spot-on, we employ a combination of the below-mentioned techniques for leak detection and leak repair services, ensuring comprehensive solutions for our clients.

  1. Visual Inspection:
  2. The leak inspection process starts with a visual inspection. Our Professional technicians examine visible pipes, fixtures, and areas prone to leaks for any signs of damage, corrosion, or moisture.
  3. Pressure Testing: This method involves pressurizing the plumbing system to detect pressure drops, indicating a leak.
  4. Listening Devices:  Utilizing specialized equipment to listen for sounds of water movement within walls, floors, or underground to pinpoint the location of a leak.
  5. Thermal Imaging:
  6.  Infrared technology helps identify temperature changes, locating hidden leaks behind walls or under floors by detecting temperature variations caused by water.
  7. Dye Testing:  Injecting non-toxic dyes into the plumbing system to trace the water path and identify leaks.
  8. Pipe Cameras:  Leak inspection involves Inserting small cameras into pipes to visually inspect and identify any system cracks, blockages, or leaks
  9. Smoke Testing:
  10.  Smoke testing injects non-toxic smoke into plumbing systems, pinpointing leaks by observing smoke escape points. It’s swift, non-invasive, and remarkably effective in locating faults in sewer lines and hidden pipe networks without causing damage. Professional expertise at spot-on ensures safe and accurate detection of leaks.
  11. Moisture Meters:Using devices to measure moisture levels in walls, ceilings, or floors, which can indicate the presence of a hidden leak.
Areas We Serve:

In our leak detection services, we cover a wide network, servicing homes, businesses, and municipalities across Texas. From busy urban centers to serene suburban neighborhoods, our dedicated team reaches every corner, ensuring prompt and reliable leak detection solutions for your peace of mind.

Our Leak Detection Services

At Spot-on, we offer a comprehensive solution to discover hidden issues within your plumbing system. Using cutting-edge technology and skilled expertise, we swiftly identify leaks, ensuring timely and precise repairs to safeguard your property from potential damage.

  1. Slab Leak Repair:This involves slab leak detection and fixing those leaks occurring within the concrete foundation of a building, often challenging to detect and demanding specialized repair techniques.
  2. Leak Location & Line Location:
  3. Leak inspection utilizes technology to pinpoint the source and path of leaks within plumbing systems, aiding in targeted repairs without unnecessary disturbance.
  4. Leak Repair: Swiftly addresses identified leaks through efficient and reliable repair services like plumbing leak repair, water leak repair, gas leak repair, and pipe leak repair, preventing further damage to the property.
  5. Sewer Gas Detection:Identify harmful gas leaks within sewer lines and offer sewer gas leak repair to ensure the property’s and its occupants’ safety.
  6. High-Tech Equipment: Employing advanced tools and technology for accurate and efficient leak detection, enhancing precision and effectiveness.
  7. Gas Leak Detection: Specialized detection methods are used to promptly identify and repair gas leaks, ensuring safety and preventing potential hazards.
Different Types of Plumbing Leaks

Understanding these different types of plumbing leaks helps in early detection and prompt resolution, preventing potential water damage and preserving the integrity of the plumbing system.

  1. Pipe Leaks:These leaks result from corrosion, damage, or wear in water supply or drainage pipes, leading to visible water accumulation or damp spots.
  2. Slab Leaks:Occurring beneath concrete foundations, challenging to detect but indicated by warm spots, dampness, or cracks in flooring.
  3. Fixture Leaks:These leaks are commonly found in faucets, showers, or sinks due to worn-out seals, loose connections, or damaged components, resulting in dripping or pooling water.
  4. Toilet Leaks: Typically caused by faulty seals, loose connections, or damaged parts, leading to continuous running water or water seepage around the base.
  5. Appliance Leaks:Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, or refrigerators due to malfunctioning parts, worn seals, or loose connections lead to water puddles or dampness.
  6. HVAC Leaks:
  7.  Occurring in heating or cooling systems due to damaged pipes, fittings, or condensation issues, resulting in water accumulation or moisture around the unit.
The Signs of a Leak

Attention to the signs below can help in early leak detection, allowing for timely intervention by professional leak detection services to prevent further damage to your property.Here are some signs that might indicate a potential leak in your plumbing system:


Leak detection is the process of identifying and locating hidden or unnoticed leaks within plumbing systems or structures using specialized techniques and equipment to prevent water damage or loss.

Helium and hydrogen are commonly used gasses for leak detection due to their small molecular size, allowing them to easily pass through small openings and aid in pinpointing leaks in various systems and structures.

The three primary types of leak detection methods are:

  • Mechanical Detection: Using physical inspection, such as visual examination or manually checking for leaks.
  • Chemical Detection: Employing substances like dyes or chemical tracers to identify leaks through their reaction or change in appearance.
  • Technological Detection: Utilizing specialized tools and technology such as sensors, cameras, or pressure testing to detect leaks electronically or through advanced methods.

Water leakage is commonly called a “water leak” or simply a “leak.” Depending on the context, it could also be specified as a “pipe leak,” “plumbing leak,” or “water seepage.”

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