Tunneling Services for Plumbing Repairs

Tunneling Services for Plumbing Repairs

Are you seeking an expert to repair your defective plumbing pipes beneath your home or yard? We have the one for you. Our specialists at Spot-On Plumbing offer specialized tunneling services by precisely spotting and repairing underground pipes without major excavations.

Our team of trained technicians uses leading-edge technologies to spot the leaks and breaks in the pipe underneath. We employ least-intrusive hydraulic tunneling techniques to reach out to the parts for repair, leaving minimal destruction to the surrounding areas.

Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection Specialists use articulated listening devices, thermal imaging cameras, and digital metering to detect leaks beneath the foundation precisely. Early detection of leaks prevents extensive damage.

Tunneling Under the Slab for Plumbing

A small portion of your slab is lifted using hydraulic tunneling methods to repair the defective pipe underneath. We’ll then reach the leaking site by tunneling under your foundation. Tunnels of 18-24 inches are made, which are wide enough to make required repairs without disrupting the surroundings.

Trenchless Yard Repairs

To repair the sewer pipes or leaks under landscaping, we utilize trenchless tunneling through which we directly reach the defective area without digging up your entire yard. This minimal-invasive approach is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Structural Restoration

Once the tunneling and repair are done, we thoroughly refill the area to restore structural integrity. We protect your home, yard, and foundation throughout the process.

Excavation and Trenching Services

In addition to our specialized tunneling repairs, we also offer excavation and trenching services. We have a well-equipped team of experts who can efficiently make trenches and dig excavations when required for plumbing projects in areas like Texas.

Our frontline trenching technologies include excavation using hydro-vac, low-impact digging, backhoe excavation for large projects, hand excavation in tight spaces, shoring for safety, and surface restoration after completing the job. Opening trenches is required for major plumbing replacements.

Why Tunneling is a game changer for plumbing repairs?

Minimum Disruption:

In tunneling, plumbers can access and repair underground pipes without digging up the entire area. Tunneling minimizes disruption to the surroundings.

Cost Efficiency:

Tunneling is a cost-effective option as it reduces the need for extensive digging and restoration, ultimately saving the homeowners money.

Preservation of Landscaping:

Tunneling ensures that the aesthetic value of properties such as gardens, driveways, and other landscaping features remains intact by avoiding extensive digging.

Speedy Repairs:

Tunneling can speed up plumbing repairs by facilitating quicker access to the problem area. This is critical for resolving issues like leaks, clogs, or damaged pipes swiftly.

Less Environmental Impact:

Tunneling minimizes the risk of soil erosion and runoff by reducing soil interruption. Thus, tunneling is more environmentally friendly than traditional excavation methods.